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Flush Mixer Valve

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  • Seaworks Flush Mixer - Liquid Flow Valve for Salt Remover Solution - Connects with Garden Hose, Spray Nozzle, Engine Flusher
  • Seaworks Flush Mixer makes it easy and convenient to apply Seaworks Salt Remover Solution, works with a garden hose and either an engine flusher unit or a spray nozzle.
  • Can be used to remove salt deposits from fiberglass, metal, vinyl, plastic and painted surfaces, as well as on fishing and dive gear.
  • Works great on Boats, RV's, Campers, Trailers, ATV's, Cars, Trucks, Jet Ski, Motorcycle,Fishing Equipment, Diving Gear, Snow Plows, Salt trucks and More!
  • On/Off Switch to control water flow rate or Seaworks Salt Remover Solution to surface being treated.
  • Salt is hygroscopic and salt solutions are neutral with pH value 7.0, it is not realistic to neutralize a solution that is already neutral. Seaworks Salt Remover Solution combined with Flush Mixer is the best solution to wash away corrosion causing elements on your motorboat or other appliances.