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Seaworks Professional Hull and Bottom Cleaner

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  • Professional Heavy Duty Formula Removes the heaviest build-ups and deposits on boat bottoms, scum line and rust stains quickly and easily
  • Safely use on wood, iron, fiberglass or painted surfaces.
  • Removes scum lines, marine deposits, , algae stains, rust, and gas exhaust stains easily and quickly
  • Use in fresh water and salt water. Attacks, loosens and removes Zebra mussels and barnacles from hulls, exposed power drives and propellers
  • Use pre-season, for winterizing or anytime the boat is removed from the water for scheduled maintenance.
Remove boat from water and knock off large marine deposits. Allow marine deposits and stains to dry thoroughly. Stains and deposits found above the water line may be removed while boat is in water. Pour product into an open plastic container and apply to the dry surface of hull using a natural bristle brush. Keep the deposits and stains wet and foaming with the product. Foaming indicates the product is removing the deposits. Keep reapplying the product to maintain foaming action. After a few minutes of foaming action, most surfaces should be clean and ready for rinsing with water. If large amounts of marine deposits are present, several applications and some light scraping may be required